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"Value of the pilot, leading success" is our company's core business philosophy, in the course of growth, as a link to products, and customers formed a win-win development of long-term relationship. Dedication to customers is not only cost-effective products, products can look forward to using the Wenhui customers bring more economic value, thus achieving determined to "to create greater productivity," the ideal.
Wenhui plastics machinery company "customer first, quality first, service integrity," the philosophy and concentrate on supporting the plastic molding equipment development, manufacturing, sales and service. Including a broken machine, dryer, model-plane, Lengshui Ji, blending machine, milling machines, plastic cutting machine, suction machine, Da Baoji, mechanical hand. Expected the central system for the past 20 series, more than 300 kinds of product specifications To the professional standards tailored to customers of various non-standard equipment and systems engineering projects, the plastic molding industry to promote efficiency, energy saving, convenient and environmental protection, and other direction, all to meet the various needs of customers.
"The non-statement, since the quality is the" eight characters, my company is on the solemn commitment to product quality. I rely on the companies mature, rich manufacturing experience, the whole process of quality control, total quality management mechanism of accountability, and the first in the industry adopted the IS09001-2000 international quality management system standard certification. I was self-made products in more than 98 percent, the rate of self-made parts and components have been upgraded to more than 80 percent. In the days to come, and strive to make Wenhui plastic machinery show rapid changes. The cause of the future, more dependent on our colleagues and families, to join hands in creating! I have confidence in the company to become customers a choice, we always look forward to your support!